drawterm do not handle well HDPI panels. Got around this by compiling it on the RPI and sshing in with xquartz from the mac

What does it mean that I'm allowed to see all this information over the wire every day? How should I digest it?

And suddenly, I'm in a forest of unfinished coffee cups.

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"Any life spent not asking yourself what you truly loved was a cowardly one." (Un-su Kim, The Plotters)

"The only way to get more done is to have less to do." (Jason Fried, David Heinemeier Hansson, It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work)

Proof of concept of array interface for . Useful for items, dialog selections or anything with more than six options.

Official instance image is now in place. Created by the Pope Xanax VHB, may he rest in peace tonight.

My social media usage plan is based on following people through my feed reader, so this timeline is mostly for posting. Less slot machines.

I decided to my own mastodon instance for fun. It was a nice afternoon project to get it up and running.

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